Aleve Knee Pain: Over the Counter Joint Pain Relief
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Aleve Knee Pain: Over the Counter Joint Pain Relief

People who have rheumatoid arthritis often have stiffness and swelling in the knee. Over the counter medications such as Aleve can help to deal with the pain. There are also natural products that bring relief, like ginger. After using ginger, persons usually experience an improvement in their ability to move. They also have a measurable reduction in swelling in their knee.

Many people use Aleve for knee pain in order to go about their regular activities at home or work. There are a number of other over the counter medications that can help to bring relief as well. For example, Tylenol, Advil and Motrin are also good options. Several people also take aspirin. The active ingredients in these drugs are different but they all bring a measure of relief.

Aleve Dosage for Knee Pain

The active ingredient in Aleve is naproxene. It is also found in Anaprox and Naprelan. Naproxene can be mixed with other ingredients to help people who are suffering from the symptoms of a cold or the flu. It inhibits the function of hormones that cause pain and inflammation. In addition to knee pain, it can also treat back pain, bursitis and juvenile arthritis.

Adults who are using Aleve for knee pain can take one tablet or caplet every eight to twelve hours. It should not be taken for more than ten days without a break. Children under twelve are not usually advised to take this medication.

Aleve Knee Pain: Use with Caution

Consider taking a milder form of the same medication. You may also be able to get relief by using a number of natural methods. For example, many people have experienced success with using gin soaked raisins for arthritis.

Although many top brands of pain medication are made to help people with pain in the knee that is due to arthritis, it may be not to your benefit to take this type of drug regularly. They eventually cause damage to the liver if hey are used at this strength every day.

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Side effects from common over the counter medications for knee pain include bleeding and ulcers in the intestines. These can be experienced by people who take any sort of over the counter analgesic, including Advil and Tylenol. If you take any of these medications, you should inform your physician. These drugs can interfere with other analgesics.

Natural Anti Inflammatory

There are several herbs that can be used to reduce inflammation in the body. These can sometimes help with knee pain. For example ginger is a natural anti inflammatory.

It can be consumed as tea daily. Even a small amount of ginger is effective in reducing inflammation. It can also be applied to the knee in a poultice. The poultice can be applied directly to the knee to reduce swelling. 

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Comments (3)

I swear by Aleve. I just take it when I need it. I have tried herbal remedies, as well, but over 15 years nothing works better than Aleve (which you can purchase in generic form, Naproxen, for less).

Good advice Sharifa.I try not to take any medications for knee pain, but when I really need to I find that Aleve is very good. I also swear by ginger and it's medicinal benefits.  

Great post Sharifa! Aleve is my go to pain relief source as well. You mentioned arthritis at the beginning of the article and provided some great sources of pain relief. Ice & Heat also help some people relieve their arthritis pain. Other popular remedies include physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy. For elderly people with arthritis and/or knee pain it is important to make sure you have help with certain tasks such as cleaning and possibly bathing. For the senior persons who live alone it is a good idea to have a senior medical alarm in place in case you have an accident due to severe arthritis and/or knee pain. Take Sharifa's advice and look into other remedies that may help relieve arthritis, knee, and joint pain.