Best Joint Pain Relief Product 2011
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Best Joint Pain Relief Product 2011

All about ultra strength bengay pain reliever. What you should know about methyl salicylate or oil of wintergreen and pain relievers.

Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of health care products sells a highly effective pain-relieving cream sold as Ultra Strength bengay.  There are other bengay line products that include the following found on their website : BENGAY® CreamGreaseless- BENGAY® Pain Relieving Cream-Vanishing Scent BENGAY® Gel-Ultra Strength BENGAY® Pain Relieving Patch-BENGAY® Pain Relief + Massage Gel- and the product that I consider the best joint relief product available in 2011, ULTRA STRENGTH BENGAY.

The product that has worked well for me is Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream.   According to their website it contains the strongest formula used in the BENGAY line of pain relievers.  The cream gives immediate relief to arthritic pain in joints and is also recommended as a rub for backache as well as arthritis. 

Ingredients listed for ultra strength bengay are camphor, menthol and methyl salicylate.  There is very little camphor and menthol in the formula which is mostly water with about a 48% herbal and chemical makeup.  There is 30% of methyl salicylate in the formula.   

What consumers of BENGAY need to know is that the heaviest used ingredient in the formula is methyl salicylate which is used to counteract irritation to joints and to the skin by blood borne infections caused by deficiencies in the person's metabolism.  The anti irritant chemical known as methyl salicylate is a chemical that is collected as an oil from many different plants.  The oil is often called oil of wintergreen or wintergreen oil. 

Used by itself, wintergreen oil is used to lower the temperature in products to the freezing point and other commercial uses.  The oil of wintergreen is toxic.  That is that methyl salicylate is poisonous and there are many serious side effects possible.  Another of Johnson and Johnson products that contains methyl salicylate is Tylenol.

A major caution for users of utra strength bengay is to know that 1 teaspoon of methyl salicylate contains more of the chemical found in 90 baby aspirin.  The toxic level is real and the product should not be applied to any open wounds or areas of the human body where it can be swallowed or enter the body through the nose or eye.  Aside from the immediate burning sensation, death is possible from accidentally ingesting methyl salicylate or wintergreen oil. 

However, ultra strength bengay which is used to treat minor aches and pains associated with arthritis is helpful because it is an irritant.  The irritation caused by wintergreen oil or methyl salicylate acts to send a conflicting signal to the brain which temporarily turns off the pain in joints.  The brain uses certain methods to let the person know that his body is being attacked by harmful agents.  Using pain to signal attacks to the ligaments or joints is one way.  Using ultra strength bengay to produce a feeling of cold or heat serves as a means of making the brain react to an attacking agent externally.  The two irritants temporarily cancel out the feeling of pain in the joints until the blood stream is cleared or an internal cure for arthritic symptoms is taken. 

If you are going to use ultra strength bengay be careful to keep it away from the eyes, nose, genitals.  Follow package instructions and if your joint pain worsens, if there is external inflammation or side effect, call your doctor.  Obviously, since ultra strength bengay is an irritant, it should not be used while tanning, exposed to the sun, or taking a bath.  You should also never use ultra strength bengay with a heating pad or hot water bottle. 

The product is a new one to Johnson And Johnson as Bengay was originally made and sold by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.   The formula was first created by a French chemist, Dr. Jules Bengue.  In 1898, the cream was brought to America and manufactured by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.   In 1994, Pfizer sold the formula to Johnson and Johnson.  

Johnson & Johnson has added to the line of Bengay creams and Ultra Strength Bengay is one of their newest Bengay line of pain killers along with their ultra strength bengay pain relieving patch. 

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