Causes of Hip Pain: Effective Natural Home Remedies for Treating Hip Pain
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Causes of Hip Pain: Effective Natural Home Remedies for Treating Hip Pain

Hip pain treatment must be directed at the specific cause of your problem .The following home remedies could be useful in treating hip pain.

Too many people are suffering unnecessarily from hip pain. Most hip pains can be caused by the lack of flexibility in the hip joint. When hip pain affects a person, it becomes very difficult to make normal motions easily. Thus, bending, climbing, or even walking becomes painful. Hip pain not necessarily cause ache over the hip. The pain can be felt in your back or thigh. Hip pain commences gradually, when the flow of blood is not sufficient to the hip. Hip pain can have many causes and can happen at all ages, though for very different reasons. Hip pain treatment must be directed at the specific cause of your problem. You can follow some natural home remedies for treating hip pain.

Hip Pain Causes

Hip pain is a common problem, and it can be confusing for you because it can result from numerous different causes. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the underlying problem. Causes of hip pain vary from common injuries to degenerative diseases. If you are having hip pain, your doctor can inspect the primary cause for your hip pain, so if you are experiencing hip pain anywhere in either hip, make an appointment with your doctor and find out the reason for your hip pain. Let us look at some causes of hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain #1: Hip Bursitis

Hip bursitis is a common source of hip joint pain. Bursitis is simply inflammation of a bursa. There are a number of sacs of fluid known as bursa’s surrounding the hip joint. They can become inflamed from a trauma or chronic pressure or irritation of the bursa. Hip bursitis is a chronic pain. Symptoms of hip bursitis most commonly include pain with standing and walking, pain when sleeping on the involved side and lateral hip pain. Trochanteric bursitis is the most common type of hip bursitis, which is a result of inflammation of the trochanteric bursa that is located in the side of your hip. Hip bursitis is generally seen in athletes.

Causes of Hip Pain #2: Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a common problem for many people after middle age. The problems caused by hip osteoarthritis are significant since the hip is a weight bearing joint. Osteoarthritis in the hip can cause pain, stiffness, you may lose the ability to rotate, flex, or extend your hip. Groin pain is a common complaint in people who have hip problems.

Causes of Hip Pain #3: Hip Fracture

Hip fracture means a broken bone. A fall is the most common reason for a hip fracture among the elderly. Hip fractures cause hip pain in old people. In fact, osteoarthritis actually causes many of the falls that result in hip fractures. Hip fractures need surgery to fix the broken bone with metal plates /screws or replace the broken bone altogether to relieve severe chronic hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain #4: Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is defined as an inflammation or an infection in the marrow and surrounding bone due to an infection. This means an infection in the bone itself. In adults, osteomyelitis most commonly happens after an operation, particularly occur where a piece of metal has been surgically attached to a bone, as is done to repair hip or other fractures.

Causes of Hip Pain #5: Osteonecrosis

This means a restricted blood supply to the bone is causing the bone to break down and die. Osteonecrosis is when the blood flow to a certain area is restricted. When a bone, like the hipbone, does not get sufficient blood flow, the cells will die and the bone will collapse eventually.

Most of the people suffer from hip pain. Sometimes it becomes necessary to consult some expert to solve this problem. Due to the varying causes of hip pain, it is important to consider your personal history and consult with your doctor, as well as, the use of surgery, physical therapy, and medications, walking aids may be appropriate and necessary depending on the cause of your pain.

Causes of Hip Pain #6: Out of alignment

Pain in one hip or both hips can indicate that your back is out of alignment, which can lead to more back pain and that your back is out to go out. This is very common. It does not take much for a person’s back to go out. Hurting your back can be simply caused by turning wrong, sneezing or just picking up something.

Once you start to feel pain in your hips could indicate you are out of alignment, in the pelvic and sciatic areas of your lower back. You might consider going to a chiropractor or a sports medicine therapist and have them align your pelvis, hips and back.


Natural Home Remedies for Hip Pain

Sometimes it becomes necessary to consult some expert to treat hip pain. However, it can be easily cure by using some effective natural remedies for hip pain. Some easy home care tips can relieve the problem of hip pain. Following are some of the safe and effective home remedies for treating hip pain naturally.

1. The first treatment for most conditions that cause hip pain is to rest the joint, and allow the acute inflammation to subside. If something about your hips is paining you, rest those strength-bearing hips of yours. This is one of the most effective home remedies for treating hip pain.

2. If the hip pain is severe, take long walks to reduce the pain.

3. Stop smoking completely and lower the alcohol consumption. It will help to reduce the hip pain naturally.

4. Do some regular exercise as a home remedy for treating hip pain. Exercising regularly will give better result in reducing the pain in the hip. Swimming and walking are two very good exercises but only when your body permits. If you are in too much pain to exercise, go for a stroll and take long and leisurely walks.

5. Do not give pressure on the hip area while sleeping or sitting on that side.

6. Among the natural home remedies for treating hip pain, massaging is very effective. You can get relief to your hip pain just by massaging. Regular body massage may help in preventing further risks or aggravation.

7. A healthy well-balanced diet can help you maintain bone strength. You should include vegetables, nuts, fruits, cereals, seeds, and grains in your diet. Avoid fats, processed foods, junk food and tinned foods of all kinds. Eliminate red meat and all hot spices from your food.

8. Always remember to turn on your side then wake up from your bed. Get up slowly from your bed to prevent hip pain.

9. Hot and cold compress is a valuable home remedy for treating hip pain. A hot and cold compress alternatively on the hip region for some time may be helpful in relieving the pain.

10. Effective natural remedies for hip pain also include losing some pounds. Getting rid of excess body weight can help relieve the strain on your hips.

11. While sleeping, remember to put a pillow between the legs and sleep on the side, which is not painful. If you continue to do this home remedy for hip pain regularly, you will notice improvement.

12. Do not put pressure on hip area by sleeping or sitting on that side. Turn on your side and then wake up from the bed. Never get up or turn suddenly.

13. One of the effective home remedies for treating hip pain is application of some gel or any oil on the area after getting up in the morning and before going to bed. Regular body massage will prevent further risks or aggravation.

14. You can also try ice packs on the affected hip as a home remedy for treating hip pain. Applying ice or cold packs appears to decrease inflammation and make your hip feel better. Ice will lower the swelling if that is part of the problem. Once the pain subsides, you can alternate between ice and heat, as this can clear the area and heal the problem.

15. Elevating the painful joint is good therapy to relieve pain and reduce swelling when you are having hip pain.

16. Go to a chiropractor or a sports medicine therapist. This might not sound like a home remedy, but a good chiropractor or sports medicine therapist can get you back into alignment and teach you about exercises you can do at home. These doctors can also show you pressure points using a small hard rubber ball. This rubber back is simple to use, you just lean against the wall and use this ball to press against pressure points, and this can relieve pain and help you heal the pain. It is not expensive to go to a reputable chiropractor or sports medicine therapist.

Pain and discomfort of the hip is treatable with home remedies. Each home remedy for hip pain helps not only hip pain but also several other discomforts of the body. If you, a family member, or even a friend is suffering from hip pain, try these home remedies for treating hip pain and see just how well these will help your pain and discomfort.

It is important to not take pain pills, they will not heal the pain and can actually retard the healing of the pain, plus pain pills can be dangerous and addictive.

Today, most reliable chiropractors and those trained in sports medicine will not prescribe pain pills, because of the above reasons.

Pain pills including aspirin will only mask the pain and not heal the underlying cause. Be wary of any doctor that just prescribes pain pills.

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Good tips for hip pain. I believe exercise is the best way to prevent it.

The hip joint attaches the leg to the torso of the body. In the hip joint, the head of the thighbone (femur) swivels in a socket, called the acetabulum, that is made up of pelvic bones. While many causes of hip pain can arise from the joint itself, there are numerous structures surrounding the hip that can also be the source of pain. chiropractor in easley sc