Desk Job: How to Prevent Three Most Common Ailments?
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Desk Job: How to Prevent Three Most Common Ailments?

Three of the most common ailments found among desk job workers. Learn what causes it and how to prevent them.

Most people spend long hours at work. Often this can lead to many common ailments. Such problems have been growing over the past several years, due to prolonged working hours. Here's how to keep you free from some of these common ailments in your desk job:


Eyestrain: Eye problems arise due to dim lit office rooms or bright computer screens. Often this can cause headaches, eye strain or double vision. The end result would be inability to stay focused on your work.


Prevention: Additional lighting with extra lamps on your desk. For laptops, use handy laptop tables with added lights. A screen protective film for your computer can stop that extra glare.

If you are sitting near the window, adjust the blinds to reduce light that falls directly on to your monitor.

Get frequent small breaks. Look to the farthest point for 30 seconds and remember to do this every 30 minutes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Constant typing can cause pressure on the median nerve. Median nerve is the only nerve that passes through carpal tunnel of our upper limb. Pinching of the median nerve can result in tightness, numbness, weakness, loss of flexibility and damage to muscles of both hands and fingers.

Prevention: Give a break to repeated grasping, vibration, turning twisting. Stretch all your fingers apart and just shake your hands. Repeat this as often as you can to reduce repeated stress.

Shoulder Muscle Strain and Back pain: Sitting incorrectly and slouching for long hours will cause muscle strain in neck, shoulders, upper back and lower back. Often, this leads to numbness, tingling in the hands, fingers or arms. There could also be inflammation of muscles, bruising of muscles and loss of flexibility.


Prevention: Sit on a chair with proper back support. Ergonomic office chairs are designed with adjustable back tilt and adjustable arm rests. Get one and you could sit relaxed at office with proper back support.

Sit straight and maintain the natural curve of spine with feet flat on the ground. Avoid the habit of keeping one leg over the other. Get frequent breaks and stretch your muscles for better blood circulation and avoid muscle strain.

Staying glued to computer screens all day long can have adverse health effects. Get frequent breaks and take time to have a small walk outdoors. If aches and pains arise, do not hesitate to get help from a health care practitioner at the earliest!

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Comments (5)

I am a victim of eyestrain because I spend too much time in front of my laptop.

Very informative and useful information here! Excellent presentation, too. Thanks for sharing. Voted up

I usually stand from time to time and go to window to rest my eyes. Great valuable input on desk job disorders.

Thank you dear Nisha for this article. Voted up. Hope to avail your friendship and support.

Good info, those who write often must have the issues ..voted