Frozen Shoulder Symptoms and Differential Diagnosis
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Frozen Shoulder Symptoms and Differential Diagnosis

frozen shoulder is very painful pathological condition. If left unaddressed it may worsen and cause complications.

Frozen shoulder is very painful pathological condition of the one of the shoulders of human body. The other names for this syndrome are adhesive capsulitis or peri-arthritis. It generally starts following severe strain or injury. Some other experts consider it as degenerative process of the suprosninatus tendon following strain, injury or overuse the muscles of shoulder. The vascular response of this degenerative process involves gradually the entire tendious totator cuff. The cuff becomes thick and vascular and infiltrated with lymphocytes and plasma cells. Gradually the infra –particular gusset of the of the capsule becomes obliterated by adhesion leading to frozen shoulder the third point of view is that low inflammatory process also leads to this condition and it fixes it as its cause. Generally males are more affected by this pathological condition. The modern view is that this clinical condition is caused by the diabetes.


• The patient always gives a history of trauma of trivial nature. This is followed by pains and aches around the shoulder joint. Gradually the pain grows in severity.

• Nightly pains are charcteristicand often the patient awakes out of sleep at night due to excruciating pains in shoulder.

• These pains area always syphilitic in nature

• Stiffness and plasticity of the shoulder along with the pain

• As the pain decreases after sufferings of many months stiffness and plasticity enhance

Differential diagnosis

This pathological condition is always to be differentiated from the following pathological condition.

1. Osteoarthritis

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

3. Tuberculosis of the shoulder joint


Analgesics are generally prescribed by doctors to relive the severe symptoms of pain accompanying this condition. Anti inflammatory drugs are also prescribed. Along with these pain killers’ active exercises with physiotherapy is more useful and is recommended by all experts of the field. Active exercise should be practiced a few times a day in recumbent position with the arm hanging by the side of the bed. It should be moved like the movements of a pendulum as for as possible the application of corticosteroids should be strictly avoided.

Homoeopathic treatment

Sometimes frozen shoulders are resistant to treatment and drugs If the conventional treatment proves ineffective than other forms of alternative treatments like homoeopathy can be resorted to. Homoeopathic medicine if properly selected according to the prevailing symptoms of the case than it may cure the case Homoeopathic medicines are selected individually and there area no ready made patents

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Comments (4)

nice info

I think I've experienced this before, but am unsure. It got better after several months, thank goodness! Great article, thanks for the info.

thanks for expressing your honest opinion

Just had a cortisone shot in my shoulder about a month ago. I could barely move it because it hurt so bad and PT was not helpful. The shot helped a lot and after two weeks I was able to begin PT again with better success.