How to Prevent Gout
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How to Prevent Gout

This article explains some ways on how to avoid episodes of gout.

Five of every one hundred people have high uric acid levels in their blood. This can lead to crystal formation by from uric acid and deposition of these crystals in the joints. This is how gout happens. The deposition of these crystals can cause inflammation and severe pain in these joints.

Uric acid is a normal byproduct of our metabolism; however some factors may lead to increase its levels in our blood. Some of common factors are a high protein diet, obesity, increasing age, and high blood lipid levels. Some medical conditions like high blood pressure, ischaemic heart disease, and diabetes mellitus can also cause blood uric acid levels to escalate. All these factors can increase blood uric acid levels and lead to gout.

Sometimes sudden occurrence of gout has been associated with eating too much of a certain type of food. Food containing high amount of purines are the kind of food that you should restrain from eating. Purines are organic substances that are broken down in the body’s metabolic process to become uric acid.

To know if you have gout, the symptom that usually comes first is severe pain during the night on specific joints. The same site may also show some redness, and swelling. There may also be loss of some layers of skin in the areas around the joint. The most common areas that are affected are the big toes, elbows, wrist and knee. This may happen many times in a year and if left untreated may become more severe.

In most cases, gout develops with no obvious reasons. For most adults, it’s a combination of the previously discussed factors. To prevent it you must look back at those factors that are applicable to you. Some of them like age and diabetes mellitus are out of our control but most are. Concentrate in these factors.

You can start by modifying your diet. This is the best way to prevent the development of gout. Don’t overload yourself with protein on a regular basis. If you are above your recommended body weight, it’s time to lose a few pounds. Being overweight almost doubles the risk of developing gout. In losing weight, remember to lose weight gradually because drastic weight lose can cause uric acid levels to rise.

Some foods to watch out for because they contain high levels of purines are: alcoholic beverages (especially beer), anchovies, bacon, herring, mackerel, mussels, sardines, veal, and venison. Some medications may also trigger episodes of gout. Some of these medications are diuretics, aspirins, cyclosporine, and levodopa. It also helps to drink plenty of water to successfully remove uric acid from your system.

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Comments (1)

Great article. Someone in my home suffers recurrent Gout attacks just in the past two months. Dark leafy greens were the culprit each time, in addition to his diabetes. It is a very painful medical condition and if left untreated can have some serious adverse affects. Thanks, voted up.