My Arthritis Journey in a Double Blind Clinical Trial The Beginning
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My Arthritis Journey in a Double Blind Clinical Trial The Beginning

How I got started in a double-blind clinical trial for arthritis. My history as an arthritis

As a person with osteo-arthritis since a teenager, I had few choices back in the 1960’s when diagnosed with this “old people’s disease.” The trusty Anacin or Bayer Aspirin gave some relief but a younger body back then provided much more stamina and ability to work through the pain. During my high school years, we had gym with a teacher who was an accomplished dancer and had no tolerance for anyone who did not perform well in her exercise classes. There were no excuses allowed for menstrual cramps or apparent injuries and certainly no time for fun. I can associate this boot camp atmosphere as a very good reason why exercising for me has always left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fast forward a few years, with newer drugs and the introduction of Tylenol, Excedrin, Motrin and Aleve, these over the counter drugs that came with television ads offering a world of relief. My pain was tolerable on many days, but certain times of the year and weather changes brought me to my doctor for something for my aching stomach and painful bones and joints.

It was soon discovered that I had an ulcer and still no real relief for my arthritis. While the ulcer was healed, I could only take Tylenol and was told to only take very little of it…no matter how badly I hurt. As my aching belly was stable and my joints and bones still ached, my doctor told me about a new drug called Vioxx. I took it and for the first time in a long time; I found relief. I felt like a new person and took it for several years; until it was recalled and I was devastated. Fortunately, for several months after, its residual effects stayed with my body and I was out of pain. Then it hit me like a truck and I felt worse than ever.

Over the years, I have searched for relief being careful to never take anything on an empty stomach and for a time had some relief from Tylenol Arthritis, Bayer Arthritis, and a few other over the counter drugs. Discussing the situation with my doctor, he prescribed Naproxen 500 mg. taken once daily and pain patches that helped when applied to the affected areas. This prescription came with warnings that it must be taken with food, and may cause drowsiness or dizziness. This drug helped and was only taken when in absolute unbearable pain. Over the years, I have been able to tolerate pain until I deemed it necessary to take something for relief.

Now a senior citizen and a member of a senior club, we had a visit one day from a group of people who run clinical trials not too far from where we live. They gave us literature, cloth shopping bags, pens that contained a 2 year calendar and other little advertising gifts with their name and phone number. I filled out a card that day and told them they could call me. I received a call a few days later and answered several questions. They told me they would call me back after they analyzed my answers; and that is how it started on my journey in "The Precision Study."

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Comments (11)

Thanks for sharing your painful experience with such grace and courage. Voted up!

Jenny, you truly know about grace and courage, as you are one with the grace through all your trials and tribulations. God has truly given you a burden to endure and you emerge a better person each day!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi Diane, have you tried the tai chi soft-exercise? You an try this if ever there is a school near your place, its worth trying Tai Chi for you.

remember these clinical studies mean the drug has not yet been approved and you are the one that they are experimenting on to find out

Thanks for sharing this article.

Thanks for taking us through your journey, Diane. Hope all goes well with the study. XOXOXO

Thanks very much for your kind and informative comments; Sandy, Caryn, Carol, Ron and Jenny. Your comments give me much encouragement! xoxoxo

Reading articles like this one, Diane, makes me realize just how blessed by God I have been, because at 68 years-of-age, I am as healthy as an ox except for an occasional twinge of regular old arthritis which Tylenol Arthritis handles with ease.

Diane, you've inspired me to share my clinical trial experience, which has been completed for the time being. voted

Thanks for sharing your pain in a manner that uplifts the individual spirit whatever circumstances of similar nature all of us maybe in. Thumbs up Diane.

Good luck with the study!